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London, July 2021, global brand and manufacturer of the Healthy Back Bag announces latest seasonal collection for AW21 at The Outdoor Trade Show, Liverpool 29 June-1 July 21 Stand Number 48

The Healthy Back Bag Company will be showcasing its latest range of Healthy Back Bags for AW21 using trend-led seasonal colours. The collection is based around the theme of self-sustainability as we focus on how we now cherish home comforts, adapt our lifestyles for preparedness and appreciate nature as a means to detox and escape. The bags are designed using the latest fabric technology in a range of earthy neutrals, colourful brights and playful patterns and textures.

Key callouts from the new collection include:

Camo Utility TRADE from £27.04 / RRP £59

These super lightweight bags in two sizes are made from Dupont™ Tyvek®, a tearproof fabric which is durable and breathable yet resistant to water, abrasion and bacterial penetration. Edgy, on-trend and versatile – for all-weather activities as well as everyday use.

Rainbow Maze TRADE £27.04/RRP £59

Prints exclusive to the Healthy Back Bag Company are commissioned each season incorporating colours from the core ranges to enable maximum merchandising impact in-store.  This bag features rainbow colours brought together in a geometric print which gives the bag a dreamy retro feel re-worked for the modern day. Hardwearing and easy to clean, this is a practical and design-led addition for AW21.

Geo Doodle TRADE £36.21/RRP £79

Used by international sportwear manufacturers in footwear design, Geo Doodle is a perfect combination of high-tech TPU monofilament yarn and jacquard craftsmanship resulting in a material with high abrasion resistance.  The coated yarn enhances strength and durability resulting in a striking and stylish bag, robust enough for sports and outdoor activities.

Back to Business Campaign

In addition to the launch of its new collection, The Healthy Back Bag Company has resumed its successful ‘Back to Business’ retailer support program with the aim of helping retailers attract customers back into their stores as they re-open across the UK.

Recognising that stock liability and footfall are amongst the top concerns post-Covid, this simple, free and easily applied promotional package is designed to help retailers sell more Healthy Back Bags. The package consists of free stock for gift-with-purchase, a comprehensive point of sale package, social media support and an optional match-funded targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Last year well over half of Healthy Back Bag retailers participated in the scheme, and the pattern looks set to be repeated this year.


Editors’ Notes – The Healthy Back Bag® Brand

Beauty and balance are at the core of The Healthy Back Bag brand and all our bags are designed to look good and feel good. The Healthy Back Bag is renowned for its unique cross-body teardrop shape which promotes healthy weight distribution across the back. We make bags that perfectly combine fashion and function, comfort and style. More relevant than ever, the brand responds directly to renewed focus on interesting, affordable, well designed and practical essentials to make life easier, every day.

What is a Healthy Back Bag?

Healthy Back Bags are designed to distribute weight asymmetrically, meaning they are comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, specifically designed to contour to the spine and so reduce the stress on neck and shoulders. They come in hundreds of different colours and fabrics, they’re hardwearing, stylish, packed with intelligent pocketing and spread weight around the bag sensibly. They can be worn 4 ways; on either shoulder or cross-body with the main zip always against the back making the bag secure and accessible only to you.

Who created The Healthy Back Bag?

When Margery and Irwin Gaffin set themselves the challenge in the early 1990’s of creating a bag which was comfortable to wear and actively good for your back, they stumbled across a unique idea. ‘I wanted a bag which looked good but also worked with my back rather than against it’, explains Margery of her dream. As a leather craftsman and designer, Irwin set about creating a single-strap bag with no rigid elements which enabled it to curve to the spine, and after collaborating with health professionals The Healthy Back Bag was born.

In 2004, the bag arrived in Europe with Priscilla Chase heading up the UK and international business. Healthy Back Bags now sell in over 27 countries worldwide. They come in a range of colours and fabrics and retail between £18-£159.

For further information and hi res images please contact Clare Elson at


10 Reasons to pick up a Healthy Back Bag:

  1. Looks great – 100’s of different colours and fabrics
  2. Versatile  – Wear it 4 ways, on either shoulder or cross body
  3. The Shape – Always contours naturally to the curve of your back
  4. Organised – Multiple cleverly configured pockets
  5. Distributes weight – Those clever pockets also help to distribute weight around the bag
  6. Lifeproof – Water resistant and durable
  7. Machine washable – Our most popular Nylon range is indeed machine washable
  8. Every bag has a silver lining – Reflects light and helps you find what you are looking for
  9. Secure and safe – The main zip is always against the back, accessible only to you

Because your back works hard enough – So be kin