Storm to launch new PCF-Free One Bottle ‘Wash & Proof’ Solution

New for 2016, leading cleaning, proofing and aftercare brand STORM, introduces Wash & Proof; its latest one wash solution for those occasions when a garment needs a quick clean and top-up proofing, which it will be showcasing at OTS 2016.

Based on STORM’s ECO, PFC free chemistry, Wash & Proof is a one bottle wash-in treatment designed to quickly and easily re-proof a garment when its original durable water repellent (DWR) coating starts to fail.

After a while the external DWR coating on technical garments that ensures the garment performs at its peak and is not absorbing water/ wetting out, starts to age and loses its water repellent properties. The garment needs reproofing when water doesn’t form as drops on the fabric but seeps through.

Once treated with Wash & Proof, the garment requires a line-dry and quick tumble dry or iron for the heat to activate the DWR finish. The product is also PFC-free and is seen to be the choice product by many brands and environmental reports for its eco status.