Cascade Designs 2023 Products:


NeoAir NXT Series Update

Considered to be two of the outdoor industries’ most beloved pieces of gear, 2023 sees an update to the Therm-a-Rest’s NeoAir XLite and XTherm pads. 

For 2023, the new XLite NXT is warmer, thicker, and perhaps most importantly, quieter than its predecessor. This best-selling pad now has an R-Value of 4.5 and lifts the user a whopping 7.6cm off the ground. And with an 83% reduction in noise compared to the previous model, the XLite NXT is destined to deliver a truly peaceful nights’ rest for you and your campmates. For added versatility, the new XLite NXT is also available in a roomy rectangular shape, as well as the classic mummy. 

Due to its handy packsize and minimal weight, the NeoAir XTherm is not only considered a 4-season favourite, but is often used when Spring or Summer temperatures start to dip. Therm-a-Rest have updated this classic mattress to ensure that these features remain, whilst increasing the pads’ R-Value to 7.3, and adding 1.2cm to its thickness. The XTherm NXT now stands at 7.6cm thick without any added weight! The XTherm NXT will also continue as both a mummy sand rectangular shape. 

NEW Honcho Poncho Down

Supplementing the hugely popular Honcho Poncho, in 2023 Therm-a-Rest launch the Honcho Poncho Down, a high-performance down poncho designed to take camp comfort to the next level! Complete with the same down you’ll find in Therm-a-Rest’s sleeping bags (650 fill Nikwax HD) and a more refined fit, the Honcho Poncho Down is perfect for those seeking a cover-up that’s warm, comfortable and versatile. Think of it as your companion to any outdoor activity – from flyfishing to cosy camp picnics and more! And its easy-to-use snap fastening also means this campsite staple doubles a blanket too. 


NEW Tindheim Tent

Extending their reputation for high-quality engineering and reliability to the tunnel tent category, MSR launch the all-new Tindheim™ in 2023. This 3-season tunnel tent delivers in all the right areas, combining space and stability with key weather-ready features like customisable ventilation, heavy-duty cords and guylines, and an extended footprint to ensure your gear is kept dry even when the weather turns. All of this in a tent that delivers a truly spacious interior, creating the perfect balance of adventure and home. 


PackTowl have updated their hugely popular range of Personal and Luxe towels with 50% recycled content, delivering the same high-performance output expected from the brand with a positive move towards suitability. Available in a new range of colours and prints, both towels continue to deliver fast dry times and enhanced absorbency with no added weight gain, making them a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts looking to keep dry on their adventures or days out. 

PackTowl all colours