Pitts & Bits – Stand 42

Pits & Bits is the unique outdoor adventure wash that really cleans away dirt, grease, odours, sweat and more effectively without any water or rinsing. Using our “Towel Off” technology, this kind solution can be used for long term use and a kind alternative to endless wipes and diesel generators providing showers. Furthermore with each year becoming drier, water restrictions are being implemented more and more, directly effecting events, festivals and campervans.

For 2023….

*New bright and fun look

*New sizes

*Even more eco friendly materials

Already we have….

Major retailers positive with how strong the branding is & selections made,

Launching with huge festival ticket giveaway,

Over 10 mega influencers signed up to review,

Social media advertising scheduled

Dedicated tiktok executive

Launch date 14th April.