New Terra Nova and Wild Country Tents for SS18 at OTS

The Laser Pulse Ultra 1 and Laser Pulse 1 are both the lightest and second lightest double wall tents in the world. The Laser Pulse Ultra 1 weighs only 450g minimum (490g packed). The Laser Pulse 1 weighs just 485g minimum (545g packed).

The Pioneer Micro, Pioneer 1 and Pioneer 2 in our new Minima Series offer all the performance needed but at a lower price and still crammed with features.

The Foehn tents are designed for the continental traveller. With high ventilation, inner first pitching, and a quick-to-add clip-on flysheet, the Foehn tents give excellent performance and versatility.

The Helm 4 offers all the same features as Helm 1, 2 and 3, but on a larger scale. The spacious inner and double porches of Helm 4 give excellent weather protection with standing room, small pack size and low weight.

All these tents can be seen at OTS 2017.