New for Spring ’20 from Osprey Europe and displayed at OTS

Sustainability begins with durability. S’20 extends this ethos with a shift to sustainable fabrics and chemistry. Underpinning this philosophy, an essentialist design strips away the barriers between the individual and the outdoors.

The Archeon series embodies the principles of essentialism and environmentalist for both hiking and backpacking. This new series combines recycled fabrics and a comfortable back system to produce a pack built for life in the outdoors.

The Arcane series provides fully equipped, stylish day packs with a paired back look, designed for an active everyday lifestyle. With roots firmly grounded in the outdoors, the series boasts recycled, durable fabrics and metal componentry.

In S’20 Osprey expands the outdoor experience for the entire family while creating a more sustainable future for young adventurers. New packs and significant updates are all accompanied by our new initiative across fabrics and chemistry.

With a sunshade, rain cover and toy loops, the adventurous passenger will be safe and sound in the Poco Child Carrier. Equipped with the same innovative suspended mesh back system as some of our hiking and backpacking packs, the next generation Poco series ensures safety and comfort for both adult and child.

Ace, Jet and Daylite kids are designed to help your budding adventurers embrace the outdoors. Inspired by our full-sized adult series, the youth packs includes simple daypacks that are perfect for kids to fully featured backpacking packs for growing teens.

For more information, visit Osprey at OTS (9th – 11th July) Stand Number 46.