OTS 2024 – 18 June - 20 June 2024 | Exhibition Centre Liverpool, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 4FP

18th & 19th June 9am -6pm, 20th June 9am-3pm

Method Statement

  • If you are building a complex structure, a method statement must be prepared to accompany your stand building plans.
    Please either complete the form below or produce your own suitable statement using the form below as a guide.
    All space only exhibitors building complex structures must submit a suitable Method Statement with their stand designs, detailing the processes by which the stand will be built and operate. All involved parties on-site are to ensure that all necessary steps and precautions are taken and should follow these statements.
  • Method Statement

  • Location, dimensions floor loadings. Due to the nature of restricted floor loading in exhibition areas, gross, dead and live loads of scaffolding, structures and heavy exhibits should be permitted.
  • Details of Entry Points into the halls and the route to the final position.
  • Detailed description in words and/or by sketches of the sequence and schedule in which all the stand elements will be built, including alignment, electrical connections etc.
  • Methods of ensuring stability at all times of individual members (including columns) and sub-assemblies, as well as the partially erected structure. A detailed method of erecting the structure (the erection scheme) should be devised to ensure that activities such as lifting, initial connecting, alignment and final connection are carried out safely.
  • Specify the equipment(s) to be used (i.e. cranes, forklifts, hoists etc) their capacities, weight, locations and floor loadings. Check the operative's current license or Certificate of Competence. Check machine's inspection certification or maintenance record.
  • Include details of temporary and mobile scaffolds, access towers and other work at height, which you intend to carry out. People working close by must be protected.
  • Any proposed use of hazardous and toxic substances must be advised to the venue. Outline the protection provided for employees and workers on adjacent stands.
  • Consider any abnormal noise that present, or work which may create dust or fumes. What ventilation measures will be provided?
  • State where electrical work will be carried out, welding gases, compressed air, water or waste services will be brought on-site.
  • Identify the safety equipment and precautions you will be providing on-site, including any protective measures you will be implementing, and areas of risk as highlighted from your risk assessment.
  • Provide the organisers with details on exhibits that may present a risk to the public and/or the operator. How will this exhibit be delivered onto your stand? What machine guarding or other special requirements are there? What hazardous waste will be produced?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.