Award Winning Gadget Keeps Sports Enthusiasts Perfectly Hydrated

The world’s first electronic fuel gauge and app to monitor and maintain hydration levels on the move will be launched at OTS this September!

An ultra runner, turned product designer has launched the world’s first plug and play device, which connects to any existing hydration bladder to help runners, trail bikers, hikers, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to monitor their liquid intake.

Hydrate Mate, which won a government backed innovation award in 2015, works by simply connecting to a hydration bladder (any hydration bladder) and sending valuable data over Bluetooth to a specially developed smartphone app, which then informs the user about how much water they’re drinking, and how much they have left.

The smart device weighs less than 1 lb and has a battery life of 3,888 hours, or the equivalent of 162 days if used continuously.

Hydrate Mate is designed to work with both iOS and Android platforms, and, as it can fit on to any water bladder on the market, it will appeal to a wide range of outdoor sports enthusiasts.